Monday, June 27, 2011

New Flavour : Cotton Candy Cream Cheese Macaroon (Macaron)

Introducing our new flavour : Cotton Candy Cream Cheese. Our pride and honor of all macaroons flavours we have in store for all.

Our Best Seller macaroon flavour of all time at PKNS Bangi and will stay for all to have a taste of. Come on, head down to Bangi (PKNS until 3rd July) to personally hand pick your desired macs. No pre-packed, no minimum order, just pick, pay and go. See you!

Macaroons at PKNS Bangi - 1 More Week to go until 3rd July 2011

It was a hectic week last week for us at Lildaisy preparing all the macaroons for our booth. Our orders are fully booked until middle of July due to overwhelming response from customers and friends.

Jaz Macaroons is our Macaroon brand under Lildaisy Cuppycakes. We thank you for all the compliments received and positive feedback from customers and buyers. We also apologise for those whom we can't cater for. We are truly overloaded with orders and more coming. Alhamdullilah for the trust given to us.

Ara, as seen, couldn't literally sit because of our macs! Good job Ara!. Ee (not in picture) is a very hardworking assistant indeed.We are lucky to have him to assist us everyday since we opened the booth.

Sorry for the picture quality is unsatisfactory, taken with camera phone. Well you know the saying, a picture's worth a thousand words.This is our trademark setup for every booth we operate.You will not miss our White and Pink themed booth. This time it's birthday themed booth.
Our next location will be at Ampang Park LRT Station (entrance from formerly known Nikko hotel and G Tower)on 7th and 8th July 2011.

We are now busy preparing mock ups for our Hari Raya Hampers. Want something different and classy? Email us for information and quotation for Macaroon Hampers for Hari Raya.

See you at PKNS Bangi, we will be there until 3rd July only. Taste the exquisiteness of our macaroons.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Macaroons at Kompleks PKNS Bangi (Macarons) 16th June -3rd July 2011

We will open a booth at Kompleks PKNS Bangi from 16th June to 3rd July selling our macaroons, red velvet cupcakes and cakes.
There will  be 8 flavours at one time per day. Quantity depending on demands we have per day. Selling on first come first serve basis, we hope to be able to cater to daily request from our existing customers plus walk in customers.

Our best sellers macaroons such as chocolate, strawberry, cherry, blueberry, green apple and salted caramel will take turn to be sold whilst vanilla, orange, lemon, peach, mango, peanut butter, kiwi and cream cheese will also be featured.

Want these lovelies?

Simply visit us at Ground Floor, Kompleks PKNS Bangi from 16th June to 3rd July from 10am till 10pm everyday. Only the best from us.

See you soon! InsyaAllah.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Macaroons (or Macarons....) Flavours

Macaroons is the word in English. While Macarons is in French (u gotta pronounce it right, just as the English word but more prominent of "RHUUN") at the end.
Either way, it is the most sought after sweetness in life at the moment.
We would like to inform our customers that IF you are allergic to NUTS, please do not consume this sugary sweet delicacy. It is made from Almond Flour (main ingredient).

See those lovelies up there? It's Lemon, Orange (1st row), Blackcurrant Cherry, Lemon (2nd Row) and Strawberry, Blackcurrant Cherry (last row). See how the filling is as per the colour of the fruit itself?

We have customers who told us that some sellers out there uses Butter or Margarine for filling (then add some fruit jams). Here in Lildaisy, we only use butter in Salted Caramel or Vanilla. All other Fruit Fillings are made from REAL FRUITS and contains NO BUTTER NOR SHORTENING.

The picture above is Blackcurrant Cherry. We only use the best ingredients for our Macaroons. For Flavours, we have :
1- Chocolate
2- Blueberry
3- Strawberry
4- Blackcurrant Cherry
5- Salted Caramel
6- Cream Cheese
7- Vanilla
8- Orange
9- Lemon
10- Mango
11- Peanut Butter
12- Peach
13- Kiwi.
14- Green Apple Cinnamon (will be available from 18th June till 3rd July at Kompleks PKNS Bangi)
Special Order :
15 - Red Velvet 

Coming up soon will be Honeydew Lychee and Butterscotch (Not that soon tho ;) ).

Want to try our macaroons ? SMS to 0193937114 for pricing details. Did we mention it can be posted ? Oh yes it can.
(No minimum for self pick up, need 1 day advance notice for 10pcs below (Ampang Branch only). More than that, need 3 days notice yeah. However there's minimum quantity of 15pcs for posting applicable. We have fixed colors to our macaroons as according to our flavours. Any specific request to change the colors will be charge of minimum RM10 per flavour per order. Thank you).
Bangi : 0102480262 / Seri Kembangan : 0177000443.

Have a Great Holiday everyone.