Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Edible Image Cupcake

Want to make cupcakes customised to your needs, say have your own image on it?. OR choose from any famous characters with your own wish/design.? Here are some examples.
Ben10... Perfect for boys. :)

Here's one more... a bit colourful tho but who's complaining anyway.. ;)
Another look

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Charity Bazaar - Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang

This charity bazaar was organised by Soroptimist International Club Ampang. We got the opportunity from a lovey friend of ours, Ms. Lina Shaik. Want to know more about Soroptimist? Can Google them up, as usual.
Our set up, simple but nice was our theme.
The pictures here are a bit distorted due to small pixelation (from our bb camera not our usual DLSR). Gotta make do with what we have right?
As you can see, Ms Farah Ara was busy packing our chocolate moist cupcake into those boxes. On the cupcake tier is our Red Velvet cupcake (which was sold at RM3 each only). For the sake of charity. Our theme colors are Pink and White with polka dot background. Vintage English some say. For us, those colors made our little booth looked so cosy!
Those white trays house our macarons for sale that day. Everything was literally gone by 2pm on Saturday, 5th March! Thank you so much to those who came and bought! Not to forget those who came for the sake of knowing us. Awwwww... It was very touching seeing our own online customers came from afar just to meet us. *HUGS*.
So, next time you see this banner/bunting being displayed, be sure to drop by! ;)
Cheerios people! Thank you for the support.

Cookies - Fancy Cookies

We have 3 flavours of cookies to offer, chocolate, butter vanilla and lemon. We made these for a customer from Universiti Pertahanan (UPNM). It was packed individually in a plastic with doily and ribbon. It's sealed to avoid getting 'soft' before time.
The icing deco is optional. In case you don't need it, it can be just a plain chocolate/vanilla/lemon cookie with minimal deco. But here the theme of the night was "Sexy & Glamourous", hence the pink, black and white combination.
High heels, dress, cake and heart shape were picked to be among the choice the guest will get to choose from. Cool eh? Have an event? Not sure what to give out? Drop us a line.
The package was delivered in 2 big box! Both parties were happy. Enough said.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Football Field Cake

Here a HUGE football field cake ! Almost 4kg. Birthday boy, Arman can't play here but he surely can 'eat' the field.
Another view. Usually we upload 4 to 5 pictures of each design to Facebook. But due to security purposes, we only limit 2 pictures per design.
Want your own football field  for birthday? Drop us a line.

Miss Marion - Barbie Cake

Our 2nd barbie cake is Miss Marion. We have this unique feature of identifying each of our barbie cake for personalisation. Maybe some might say we only have 2 (better than nothing! ;) ) barbie cakes, but to us, QUALITY beats quantity.
Each of our barbie cake weights about 2kg. Our pricing are around affordable range since we have your budget to consider, remember? This was done for miss erika aishah.

The dress is according to customer's request or better still, give us some heads up and we'll design the dress for you.
We only use fondants to design the dresses for our barbie cakes to give us more flexibility to custom made each dresses. You can also give us any barbie doll of your choice for us to make one cake. That is another option to consider. Talk to us for more information.

Barbie Cake - Introducing Miss Daisy

Meet Miss Daisy! Our first ever Barbie Cake produced by Lildaisy Cuppycakes back in November 2010. See? Told ya we've been busy.
We personally delivered Miss Daisy along with 12 castle cupcakes (additional) and the girl who got it smiled from one ear to another! We are so grateful to have made her day almost perfect.
Aerial view. Whatever it is, we miss Miss Daisy! XOXOXO.

Peanut Butter Macarons : March Highlight

Peanut butter macarons were huge hit at our previous Charity Bazaar at Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang earlier this month. We'll talk about the bazaar in a different posting. Stressing our macarons filling, the ingredients, color and taste must match the flavour of that macaron named. For example, light brown was chosen to be our peanut butter macaron shell and the filling is made from PURE peanut butter.
The peanuts around it were just to emphasize the character of this photo :).

Fillings, ladies and gentleman, is the most important stuff to be focused on. Not to be taken lightly, for example, we only use pure strawberry puree with some sugar to stress the fruity flavour for our strawberry macarons. We do not add any shortening or butter into the fillings. That will totally destroy the fruityness, if we may say, of the macaron.

As for this peanut butter macarons, only pure peanut butter inside the shell was sold (or is selling), we got people coming back for more! No joke since all peanut butter was sold in under 3 hours.
Peanut butter , anyone?

Stailista : Featured for 2nd Time

We thank En. Anwar Razali to again trust us to be featured again in this gorgeous magazine. A picture's worth more than a thousand words. It is true. With pictures, we do not need to explain the unexplainable. Just take a look at any food photo and you will be speaking FOR the picture. The cover page was non other than the lovely Ms Elyana, our local artiste before she got married.
And for our products, featured was all the cupcake designs made. We have Teddy Cakes as well. Take a closer look below.

At Lildaisy, we welcome for those who wants to try out new design for their cupcakes. Ready to be different and bold. Why be like the rest when you can stand out from the rest. And rest assured, all our products are 100% halal and homemade.
* All these pictures are available in our blog spot labels and facebook page. Feel free to browse.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Red Velvet Macarons

Our signature macarons, Red Velvet Macarons. The shell must have that chocolaty taste that makes or breaks the Red Velvety taste. At the same time, it should taste a bit sour and sweet. Difficult to imagine isn't it. Try ours and you'll get what we mean. The Americans made red velvet cake famous, The French made the macarons, and Lildaisy perfected the Red Velvet Macarons with our secret concoction.
The fillings are of course the signature cream cheese that compliments every red velvet cake/cupcake or Macarons. No cheese, means it is just a red sour chocolate cake. Don't agree? Taste it without the cream cheese. Forgetful enough to remember.
Mouthful taste that melts when you bite, not crumbly on your hand.

A perfect macaron is when it can stand on it's side and the filling doesn't run along leaving the shell behind. It's hard enough to withstand room temperature but crunchy enough to leave you speechless!
It is advisable to leave it 24hours in the fridge not freezer once bought (well if it can last that long before it's gone!).
Give it a go, have a mac, have a great day!

Macarons Fondant Cake

Looking for something different? Be bold and unique with our Fondant Macarons Cake. Comes in variety of sizes and deco. The most cool stuff is that the macarons can be colored according to your theme. Either sweet pink or bold red with apple green, the flavours usually as according to the colors.
Pink is for strawberry while green for kiwi. The combination is for a house warming get together by Datin Badariah, our great neighbour here in Ampang.
For that WOW factor in your cake, make sure you choose us to be your cake planner. Our Fondant cake proved to be the most affordable fondant cake in the market.

The Cake is optional of Chocolate Moist or Red Velvet. Vanilla, or butter cake is available upon request.

To dream for THE cake is easy, making it a reality is really a big task. Let us put that big smile in your face on your big day, whatever occasion it may be.

Wedding & Engagement Cupcakes Set

A cupcake can make or break an event. False? Try imagine a runny creamy cupcake sticking to each other on a tray.. Ugly isn't it? At Lildaisy, we offer Fondant Cupcake with reasonable price (as usual, based on your budget) with style of your own. No need to follow ready made cupcake that others can buy of the shelf. Here's few pictures.

Similarities between these sets are our trademark for branding purposes. All you see here are either our own idea or customer's. So copycats out there, be warned. All images belongs to LD. Should you need to copy our designs, uploading to blogspots or any social network are forbidden unless those networks are not used by us.
Here's more

Have an event coming up and design you need to materialised? Pick up the phone and call us. We'll be happy to hear from you.

Chocolate Moist Cake

We offer variety of sizes and designs for our chocolate moist cake.The most difficult thing to do is the ganache so that it won't be runny and spoiling your cake all over.
This is the simplest design we offer.

Notice how the ganache is shiny and not runny. Most important it is yummy! Moisture of the cake is well preserved by the ganache while adding texture to it. Here are more adventurous ones.

Craving for more? How about these images below. For sure will make your taste buds crave for some chocolate moist cake now!

The frosting made the contrast on the cake giving it more character than just a plain normal chocolate moist cake. Frosting is optional topping for our chocolate moist cake. Our frosting is made from meringue and sugar syrup, carefully heated and whisked to achieve the soft peak. Not typical royal icing which anyone can make.
Another viewing pleasure, indeed.

The skirting is rolled fondant. To us, presentation is important for the "awww" factor in all our cakes. Lucky for us, we have an in-house photographer! Phew!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

LD featured in Stailista Magazine

Lildaisy was featured in Stailista for the first time in August 2010. Here are the 4 pages printed describing our products. We are so honoured and thankful to En. Anwar Razali for his trust to include us in his magazine. The first edition was known as "Perkahwinan" magazine with artiste Memey Suhaiza as covergirl.
Isn't she beautiful... awwww... oh and now our products:

That's all folks. All 4 pages. More posting to come.
Thank you for viewing.
For contact : Bangi (0102480262), Ampang (0193937114), Seri Kembangan (0177000443), Terengganu (0199487808)