Friday, June 29, 2012

Candy Buffet : Teaser Entry

Here's what among what we can offer for Candy Buffet. We will update this page for a brief information on our services and products for Candy Buffet.

The theme colors are tailored accordingly so all the candies and arrangements suits the need of your function.

Leave it to us professionals :).

Just Lildaisy Featured @

We are featured in's page. Visit this address for more information on Makan-makan places and suggestions.

Just Lildaisy Blog : Management Announcement

Hi All,

 We would like to clarify that the address for this blog is actually the old name of Just Lildaisy's owners (and previous owner) while operating from home awhile ago. Just Lildaisy is our Corporate Branding, it's totally independent from Lildaisy Cuppycakes and therefore we will use this name for any official matters.

Just Lildaisy belongs to Wana and Ara. Together they operate all matters referring to Just Lildaisy's Outlet and management.

Our contacts are as below :
Email :
Phone : +60183662702
Blog :
FB Fan Page : Just Lildaisy

We thank you for your continuous support for us and we look forward for it to continue as long as possible :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Candy Buffet by Just Lildaisy

A special announcement : we will provide services for candy buffet around Ampang , surrounding KL area with reasonable price. Look out for this space soon!!!

For more info, email us at

Thank you.

Another Blog Entry for Us.. TQ sooo much!