Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chocolate Moist Cake

We offer variety of sizes and designs for our chocolate moist cake.The most difficult thing to do is the ganache so that it won't be runny and spoiling your cake all over.
This is the simplest design we offer.

Notice how the ganache is shiny and not runny. Most important it is yummy! Moisture of the cake is well preserved by the ganache while adding texture to it. Here are more adventurous ones.

Craving for more? How about these images below. For sure will make your taste buds crave for some chocolate moist cake now!

The frosting made the contrast on the cake giving it more character than just a plain normal chocolate moist cake. Frosting is optional topping for our chocolate moist cake. Our frosting is made from meringue and sugar syrup, carefully heated and whisked to achieve the soft peak. Not typical royal icing which anyone can make.
Another viewing pleasure, indeed.

The skirting is rolled fondant. To us, presentation is important for the "awww" factor in all our cakes. Lucky for us, we have an in-house photographer! Phew!

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