Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cookies - Fancy Cookies

We have 3 flavours of cookies to offer, chocolate, butter vanilla and lemon. We made these for a customer from Universiti Pertahanan (UPNM). It was packed individually in a plastic with doily and ribbon. It's sealed to avoid getting 'soft' before time.
The icing deco is optional. In case you don't need it, it can be just a plain chocolate/vanilla/lemon cookie with minimal deco. But here the theme of the night was "Sexy & Glamourous", hence the pink, black and white combination.
High heels, dress, cake and heart shape were picked to be among the choice the guest will get to choose from. Cool eh? Have an event? Not sure what to give out? Drop us a line.
The package was delivered in 2 big box! Both parties were happy. Enough said.

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