Saturday, April 16, 2011

Macarons Filling Secret

  So the story goes. After successful baking of our macarons shells (the pied formed!), next come the most daunting task. Making the filling. Most people just grab a bottle of jam or sort to fill up. Nope. Not for us. Only the best serves to fill our macs.

Well it won't be a secret anymore if we tell you. Haha. Read on though.
  A true breed macarons can stand on the side (as you can see in every macarons of ours), so putting a simple jam won't do.It will run through your macs shell, leaving the shell all alone. It has to be cooked with passion and the right ingredient to achieve the right texture. Same goes to the shell. To achieve this, the right temperature would do the job perfectly!

  The hardest we would say to make this salted caramel filling. Careful not to burn the sugar, or too low of fire can test your patience.

  Nope we do not use shortcuts by using SHORTENINGS. We will test our patience NOT yours. SO go grab a mac to make your day.
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