Wednesday, September 12, 2012

LovaCup(TM) as Mini Pavlova

The craze is here!. Yeah it's a bit of a late bloomer since everybody did it. We had to make sure our LovaCup(TM) are to die for!. Ours are Crunchy and A LOT LESS SWEET than any others. The whip cream is homemade as well (less sugar).


We can offer this as part of Candy Buffet if the need arises.

All heavenly balanced 'diet' in a Cup

LovaCup(TM) is created to ensure easy handling of pavlovas. Pavlovas are known as delicate to handle. Crunchiness and it suppose to melt is your mouth, not anytime before.

Here's the comparison of our LovaCup(TM) to our medium cupcake (the ones in our chiller at Outlet).

LovaCup (TM) on the left vs Medium size cupcake

These LovaCup(TM) are available at Outlet at any day (depends on stock). But since it's fairly easy to eat and small packaging, not to mention RIDICULOUSLY delicious (okay, we wrote that on purpose!), IT SELLS OUT FAST !

Do call us before coming over to avoid disappointment! 0183662702 OR 0182354679.

100% halal.

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