Friday, May 31, 2013

Announcement : Change of Outlet Operation Days in June 2013

We would like to thank all our customers for the continuous support as far as we can remember.

Effective June 2013 (for month of June 2013 operating days), our Outlet at Fiesta Mall (known before as Axis Atrium Mall) will be closed on MONDAYS (only) for our rest day. Business operations hours will be as normal for other days of the week. Therefore please arrange pick up/orders on any other days except MONDAYS.


Kami ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih atas sokongan yang tidak terhingga dari para pelanggan kami selama kami memulakan perniagaan.

Mulai Jun 2013, kedai akan ditutup setiap hari  ISNIN pada setiap minggu. Kedai akan dibuka seperti biasa pada hari-hari lain.


Should you have any question please call 0183662702 / 0182138301

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