Sunday, March 20, 2011

Red Velvet Macarons

Our signature macarons, Red Velvet Macarons. The shell must have that chocolaty taste that makes or breaks the Red Velvety taste. At the same time, it should taste a bit sour and sweet. Difficult to imagine isn't it. Try ours and you'll get what we mean. The Americans made red velvet cake famous, The French made the macarons, and Lildaisy perfected the Red Velvet Macarons with our secret concoction.
The fillings are of course the signature cream cheese that compliments every red velvet cake/cupcake or Macarons. No cheese, means it is just a red sour chocolate cake. Don't agree? Taste it without the cream cheese. Forgetful enough to remember.
Mouthful taste that melts when you bite, not crumbly on your hand.

A perfect macaron is when it can stand on it's side and the filling doesn't run along leaving the shell behind. It's hard enough to withstand room temperature but crunchy enough to leave you speechless!
It is advisable to leave it 24hours in the fridge not freezer once bought (well if it can last that long before it's gone!).
Give it a go, have a mac, have a great day!

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