Friday, March 25, 2011

Stailista : Featured for 2nd Time

We thank En. Anwar Razali to again trust us to be featured again in this gorgeous magazine. A picture's worth more than a thousand words. It is true. With pictures, we do not need to explain the unexplainable. Just take a look at any food photo and you will be speaking FOR the picture. The cover page was non other than the lovely Ms Elyana, our local artiste before she got married.
And for our products, featured was all the cupcake designs made. We have Teddy Cakes as well. Take a closer look below.

At Lildaisy, we welcome for those who wants to try out new design for their cupcakes. Ready to be different and bold. Why be like the rest when you can stand out from the rest. And rest assured, all our products are 100% halal and homemade.
* All these pictures are available in our blog spot labels and facebook page. Feel free to browse.

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